Autumn portrait in lomo style.

Siberia. Autumn. The last day of the weekend is ending. It's time to charge your camera and take pictures. I choose Lomography CN 400 film. Once, a long time ago, I bought this film from a friend. The packaging of this film looks “like new” in appearance, but neither then nor today does anyone know the age and biography of this film. I saved this wonderful film for special occasions and never tried to use it. And finally... I photograph, develop, scan and... Believe me, I didn't do anything else! You are the first to see the results. And I think that you may be the only ones who can appreciate it and not ask me strictly: What is this? I don’t know yet what my young favorite will tell me. But I know what I’ll tell her: Daughter, this is Lomography. #Siberia #Autumn #girl #Lomography #genre #portrait

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  1. vozac100posto
    vozac100posto ·

    Beautiful 😍

  2. marluusje
    marluusje ·

    Beautiful done

  3. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Dear VOZAC100POSTO.
    Thank you for your attention, opinion and emotions.
    Thank you for your words of support.
    Once again I think: if you haven’t forgotten to load your camera with film, this is no longer an accessible and great pleasure for everyone and a good reason to smile! It may be thanks to such unexpected surprises, sometimes pleasant ones, that film photography haunts me and doesn’t let me go.

  4. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thank you for your attention, opinion and emotions.
    I am sure that you do not question the authenticity of this photograph and my assurances that this result was obtained - without additional editing. I chose this photo to publish first because I am sure that if I specifically wanted to do something like this, it would probably take a lot of time and film. I'm not sure this needs to be done. Secondly, a competition A Future for 120 is being held on this wonderful resource. I decided that these were very suitable photographs to display on the pages of this competition. Perhaps a similar phenomenon can be used (embedded) in a special new technology that expands the range of attractiveness of the 120 format.

  5. klawe
    klawe ·

    Congrats on LHometheDay!

  6. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Dear KLAWE.
    Thank you for your congratulations and support. You are always on top, always very attentive and kind. Thanks again.
    Today, in these minutes, I understand that I was not mistaken when I decided to publish these photographs on this resource. Once again I felt the energy of common views on the creativity of man and nature in the broad understanding of these concepts.

  7. roaringtree
    roaringtree ·

    Congratulations on home of the day and I love the photo!

  8. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thank you for your congratulations.
    Thank you for your attention, opinion and emotions.
    Once again I admit that this result was very unexpected for me.

  9. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    You are the man!

  10. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thank you for your attention, opinion and emotions.
    Maybe you're right. If you have an old 120-format film camera that especially likes constant care, and you don’t use it every day, you need to be prepared for any surprises. And if you load special films into it, you must immediately fasten your seat belts, and I think that this is advice for everyone, no matter what kind of man you are.

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