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Tanto si estás buscando impulsar tu marca entre nuestra comunidad artística global, animar tu espacio o crear una experiencia inolvidable para el cliente, tenemos lo que necesitas. Tenemos un historial comprobado de proyectos de personalización y regalos corporativos con empresas líderes en los sectores de museos, moda y lujo. ¡Ponte en contacto con nosotros a través del siguiente formulario!

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Looking for a fun, stylish, and unique gift for your employees or customers? Choose something irresistible from our full range. Prices start from 10 pieces.

Puedes llegar a nuestra comunidad artística internacional tan comprometida a través de una colaboración. ¡Creemos algo increíble! Las opciones empiezan a partir de 1000 piezas.

¡Perfecto para regalar en la boda y en fiestas! Regala una cámara a tus invitados y déjales que documenten la acción de forma analógica y atemporal. Encuentra opciones desde 10 euros.

Some Projects to Date

From our Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera to the stylish La Sardina and our award-winning Instants, we have created some unforgettable editions and coveted customizations. We create special edition film packs and inscribe our Art Lenses too! We are a young, dynamic team with innovative ideas so get in touch and let’s talk!

Lomo’Instant Automat × Fashion Walk

Lomography teamed up with one of Hong Kong’s most distinctive shopping destinations to deliver an analogue extravaganza! Two public exhibitions, two photo booths, workshops, artist sharings, competitions and the Lomo’Instant Explorer Edition product launch all came together to animate the Fashion Walk, engaging with thousands of people and customers. We received over 3000 submissions to our competition and workshops were totally oversubscribed during this highly successful month of exciting activity and shared promotion.

Lomo’Instant Automat × Adventure Challenge

La Lomo’Instant Automat es la cámara instantánea automática más avanzada del mercado con infinidad de funciones y accesorios. Adventure Challenge es un libro misterioso para rascar con 50 aventuras creativas diseñadas para ayudarte a explorar fuera de tus hábitos, profundizar en tus relaciones y construir recuerdos significativos. La colaboración une una cámara Lomo’Instant Automat exclusiva con los libros de Adventure Challenge para amigos, parejas y familias. Este proyecto ha tenido un gran éxito y sigue vendiéndose en todo el mundo.

Kitamura Tokyo Edition Film

LomoChrome Metropolis Tokyo Edition Film desaturates colors, mutes tones, and makes contrasts pop. Kitamura started as a small camera store in the Kochi prefecture in 1934, and now they have more than 800 branches across Japan. The collaboration celebrated 20 years of Lomography Japan and saw a special LomoChrome Metropolis - Tokyo Edition - created and released with limited edition packaging including individualized tin cans.

La Sardina × Delaunay

La Sardina 35 mm es una cámara Point and Shoot creativa con una lente gran angular y una zona de enfoque sencilla. El Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza de Madrid, España, alberga una colección que abarca ocho siglos de pintura europea. La colaboración consistió en decorar La Sardina con detalles de la Mujer Portuguesa del artista experimental Pobert Delaunay. Cada paquete incluía una edición especial y un manual con imágenes y consejos.

La Sardina × Nuri

A fitting collaboration with the quintessential sardine can! As a cultural and exclusive tradition, the originality of each NURI can is transmitted from generation to generation as the sardine carefully conceived by the hands of an artist, but which - as a work of art - is intended to be appreciated by all. This special release paid homage to the La Sardina’s original sardine can-inspired namesake resulting in a truly delectable edition.

La Sardina × Moonassi

Moonassi is an ultra-talented graphic artist named Daehyun Kim from Korea. Adorned with monochromatic illustrations by Moonassi, two La Sardina Camera editions, Moonassi Whisper and Moonassi Dream, were born. Surreal human landscapes where imagination knows no boundaries adorned these very special edition cameras.

Diana+ & Ringflash × The White Stripes

The White Stripes are renowned around the globe as one of the most creatively thrilling and sonically stunning rock bands of their time, whilst the legendary Diana+ camera is known for her serendipitous ‘imperfections’ and cinematic qualities. Bring the, together and what do you get? The special ‘MEG’ Diana+ Camera & Ringflah edition dressed in the band’s red, white and black color scheme, right down to the peppermint swirl on the frame advance dials.

LomoKino × MUBI

The LomoKino lets you shoot a movie of up to 144 frames on any 35 mm film. MUBI is a distributor, producer, and subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a curated selection of films. The customization saw the LomoKino covered in an ultra-cool dot design and inscribed with the signature of Cannes Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul. A free 1-month subscription to MUBI and a scene from Weerasethakul’s LomoKino movie was included in every package.

Diana Mini × Double Rainbow Edition

New York-based artist and illustrator, Tara McPherson gives us a peek into the complexities of the human psyche through her otherworldly characters and designs. Named the princess of poster art by ELLE Magazine, she also created gig posters for Beck, Modest Mouse and Melvins. A perfect match for our own little princess – the Lomography Diana Mini Camera.

Diana F+ × Scarecrowman

Fitted with a fantastic flash, this creative camera shoots dreamy, color-drenched images on 120 film. Scarecrowman is a Japanese anime series whose lead cartoon character carries a camera with him. The special Scarecrowman edition camera boasted a sleek black design, inspired by the anime original, with stylish Scarecrowman logo and detailing.

Special Edition Horizon Book

The Horizon Perfekt Camera lets you shoot crystal clear photos that are bursting with color and detail thanks to its manual settings that enable a whole new level of creative control. Released with the launch of this extraordinary camera was an equally extraordinary book. The hardcover, double-wide format Horizon Lomography book contains 132 pages of explosive, provocative, and achingly beautiful panoramic Horizon shots from 55 individual contributors.

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