Monument Stripper aka Girl on a pole

Monument stripper, one of the capital's attractions, is located opposite the male bar-club "White Bear", towering around shops and banks, cars rush by, and "iron" girl all too graceful dancing, oblivious to passers-by.
The girl's expressive and beautiful face, thin arms, long legs - all standards of beauty club

Author's title - "the Girl on a pole", the author is the sculptor Andrey Azerians, which is noted for its avant-garde works, which can be seen in many parks and museums, such as the square "signs of the Zodiac", made from different kinds of objects of scrap metal near the metro station Sviblovo.

Variations on a theme «...with a film across Moscow»
Photo from series: «Just Moscow»
Camera: Kodak S1100 XL
Film: Adox Silvermax 100
Photo taken: 30/12/2015
Scanned copy of the original negative, without any processing.
In the mode «as is»

(All of the pictures from this film shown on the standard process Д76, scanned without modifications and filters in RAW-TIFF application VueScan, invert in Lightroom. Any adjustments, customizations, modifications were not carried out.)

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