EBS at Waverley Abbey #5

I hadn't seen anyone do an 'exposing both sides' (EBS) panorama album on here yet, so I figured I'd try it with a Horizon Perfekt. It was definitely one of the most technically challenging albums I've done so far - not only because EBS is itself tricky (you've got to get the homemade redscale prepared correctly, get both the redscale and normal exposures right, shoot twice in the same sequence so as not to screw up the symmetry, etc.), but because the Perfekt poses challenges of its own, such as not being able to use a conventional splitzer (I solved this by cutting a piece of black card to shape and gluing it onto the tiny UV filter that comes with the camera), not having any horizon line to line things up with in the viewfinder (solved by drawing a black line through the middle of a length of sellotape and sticking it onto the front of the viewfinder) and having its very own peculiar loading technique that makes it very difficult to re-align the film in the same place for the second shoot (I thought I'd solved this by taping a separate 15cm length of old negative to the take-up spool and taping the film I shot to this, lining it up with appropriate markings, but I still got it wrong by about half a centimetre, which is why you see some overlap in these shots). I shot the redscale layer just after sunrise, went home, flipped the film around (I think I'll get a changing bag for next time, so I can just flip the film on site), then went back and shot the normal layer just after noon, on a sunny but intermittently cloudy day. So yes, pretty challenging, but also very creatively satisfying. Worth the hassle...? Hell, yeah...!!! :-)

Más fotos de buckshot

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