It only happens in your dream

To Dream that Singapore will be less humid, less travel on the road and more flying instead!

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    OMG! amazing !!!

  4. stonerfairy
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    Thank You!! ;)

  5. saysaysay
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    Wow this whole series is really insanely awesome. Nice one!

  6. stonerfairy
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    @saysaysay Hey babe!
    Thank You so much.. haha just trying experiment something out of boredom :D :D

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  9. stonerfairy
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    Hey! Thanx girls!!

  10. kathepalacio
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    Love this one !!

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    Love this!

  13. stonerfairy
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    @kathepalacio @devilfirzen @lostlittlekid
    Thanx for the likes & comment!

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    ¡Es maravillosa! FELICIDADES :D

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    @daitita @fuchsi

  17. adash
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    Awesome! Mind-blowingly brilliant!

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    @adash Thanx for your kind words >.<

  19. viso
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    Ballons, castle, sea, mountains... this photo has everything and its wonderfull :)

  20. stonerfairy
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    @viso Thank You for your comments! :)

  21. superkulisap
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    am I dreaming or something? *drooling*

  22. spidey27
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    like it very much

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    that's really awesome!! :D

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    wow! fantastic!

  25. stonerfairy
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    @superkulisap @spidey27 @brooks @dida Thanx everyone :)
    Have a great day to you all :)

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    This is unreal. Amazing.

  27. stonerfairy
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    @zeewierkoekje Thanx aite :)

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    This is amazing!

  30. jeanne_d_arctique
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    this is truly freaking awesome!!!

  31. ajagee24701
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    Very imaginative!

  32. bendawes
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    This is the coolest lomo shot I've ever seen!!!!

  33. stonerfairy
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    @bendawes Thanx!

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  36. stonerfairy
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    @freakoftheweek, @chourique, @jeriane, @timolomo, @little_mochi, @opon21 thanx for your likes :) more of the photos you can view here:…

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  41. neonlights
    neonlights ·

    wow, hey, it's great! Can you swear cross your heart etc that isn't photoshop walking around that pict?

  42. jarvislomo
    jarvislomo ·

    woah can't believe my eyes!

  43. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    @ jarvislomo COME!! Lets do double together!! Hahaha (if you got time for it)

    @ilcontrariodime Thank You ;)

  44. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    hi @oloughma I saw your question from my email notification..
    No I didn't use any splitzer technic, there's no splitzer fit my Canon lens. I just point and shoot to an image and then reuse again the same roll, the merging of the image. 2 exposures only.

  45. oloughma
    oloughma ·

    Hi Stonefairy. And my message is gone from here again. Can't imagine why!
    Thanks for your reply. Wow! I can't believe there are only two exposures there. It's an amazing shot!

  46. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    @oloughma No worry! LSI is not on your side.. Haha you should upload more photos on your lomohome!! :D

  47. oloughma
    oloughma ·

    At least this time my message is still showing. :) I'm new around here and have nothing to upload. Just got a Diana and am snapping my first roll. I really only signed in specifically to respond to you, having seen some of your great shots. Cheers!

  48. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    @elouan Thank you >.<

  49. brunoandreoli
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    love your multiple exposures!

  50. reizueberflutung
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