As a self-styled Visual Arthropologist I'm on the subjective path of documenting my life, travels and environment in a creative approach through analogue photography.

After several studies and living experiences across Europe, I found myself to be an artist with anthropological background, settled down in the vibrant city of Berlin.

I fell in love with old soviet cameras, the same I got a huge interest in DDR cameras. Probably it's a nostalgic feeling towards family roots because I was born in DDR and my wife in the Soviet Union. We are the descendants of these no longer existing countries - a lost generation. But I want to keep something of this past life alive through using those cameras.

Analogue Photography, for me especially Lomography, offers the opportunity to catch the moment in a very special way - you can manually manupilate the camera, film, developing process etc. With this I like to preserve and present my own perception of the world and document through my photographic/artistic approach the nowadays life, culture, architecture, nature, etc. - and either display sometimes the "reality" or, like in most cases, my own world - my own universe - the universe I see through the lens, the universe I create, which I create with every single action and modification I do with my hands, the materials and the camera.

I'm on the way to develop and improve my style in "Visual Arthropology" (Visual Anthropology + Art), an artistic way of a storytelling, documenting, photographic diary of my environment, travels, experiences and observations - sometimes complemented with articles, too.

Furthermore I'm an active member of the analogueNOW! Team who organizes the analogueNOW! Festival in Berlin.

Current Cameras:

LOMO Lubitel (1953)
LOMO Lubitel 166U (1983)
LOMO LC-A (1987)
LOMO Smena 35 (1991)

BelOMO Vilia Auto (1979)

Zenit 3 (1962)
Zenit Quarz M (1965) Movie Camera
Zenit E (1966)
Zenit Quarz DS8-M (1971) Movie Camera
Zenit E 1980 Moscow Olympic Edition (1979)
Zenit 11 2x (1986)
Zenit Automat (1990)
Zenit Horizon 202 (1994)

Zorki Chaika (1960)
Zorki 4K (1976)

Welta Reflekta II (1953)
Welta Weltaflex (1955)
Pentacon Six TL (1979)
Pentacon Praktica VLC3 (1980)

Polaroid OneStep Flash

Lomography LC-A+
Lomography LC-A Instant Back+
Lomography FishEye No.2
Lomography LomoKino

Holga 120 CFN

Lomography Community Achievements:

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