"Today I made my first money as a photographer. I sold my camera." - Anonymous (wise) photographer 🤣

It all started a boring afternoon at the beginning of 2023 when I googled "half frame", because I had read that Kodak was selling a new "half frame" camera, the H35. Then I suddenly found myself learning about the history of Kodak and their Brownie cameras, and about film formats, film types, developing processes, and then I was developing my own film at home, and spending my hard earned money ordering different Brownies and Soviet-era cameras online! Be compassionate, please. I'm still learning, and experimenting a lot.

I used to have a Kodak K4 in my teen years. Then a Canon Prima BF800 that suddenly stopped working. Didn't care about photography afterwards, until the advent of digital photography.

The cameras I have used, am using, or will be using starting in 2023 are:
- An Argentinean Kodak Brownie Fiesta 3 (my favorite)
- Agat 18K (I'll use it whenever I feel in the mood to waste some film)
- Kodak Brownie 127
- Kodak Brownie Six-20
- Kodak Brownie 2 Model F
- Smena 35
- Chaika (half frame)
- Carena 35F
- And a creaky, clunky, clanky unbranded blue plastic 35mm point and shoot camera that no camera maker wants to take responsibility for.

My awards:
- Your likes. Really, I consider them completely undeserved. Why you like my lousy photos is beyond me. Thank you.

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