Cameras: Diana F+, Diana Mini (Mint and Monte Rosa and 2 plain ones), Lomography Fisheye 1 (Hello Kitty), Lomo'Instant Wide (with a film loading problem), four old Leicas (a IIIc from 1946, a IIIg from 1957 with a shutter problem, a recently purchased R4 and a defective R3), Lubitel 166 Universal, Seagull 4A, Olympus XA, Olympus Trip 35, Olympus Pen EES-2, Olympus 35 LC, Olympus 35 RC, Olympus 35 SP, Rolleiflex SL35 E, Voigtländer Vitoret R and some digital photo machines. Taking pictures of things remarkable and unremarkable that come to my eyes.

Some of my favorite films: Lomography Redscale XR, Ilford XP2 super 400 (35 mm and 120), Kodak Portra, Lomography Color Negative 400 (120), Adox Color Implosion (when is it coming back!), Adox CMS 20, Lomochrome Purple, Lomochrome Metropolis, Rollei Superpan 200, Fomapan Creative 200.


Splash of Color Runner-Up
Sunday Blues Runner-Up
Photo of the day/foto del giorno:…
Photo of the day/foto del giorno:
Photo of the day/foto del giorno:
Runner-up in TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2018: April Winners (Part 1)…
Picture of the day on 2018-11-17:
Runner-up in LomoWall Philippines 2020: Unity in Diversity:…

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