In the middle of July I was using the first time my Minolta Uniomat III from 1964. I have that camera since one year and I wanted always to try her out. Finally I picked it up and filled in on Fuji Superia 200 from 2008. I had no idea if that camera really will work fine but the lightmeter worked and and the shutter sounded smooth and the seallings I had replaced before. So I gave my best and took pictures on three days in Bern, Schwarzenburg, Heitenried, Fribourg and at the rive Aare close to Münsingen. Whe nI scanned the pics yesterday I couldn't believe it. There was not one bad exposued or unsharp picture on the complete film. Some of them I really love a lot. A 52 years old camera without battery works just perfect as on the first days. What a quality of construction Minolta did at that time. Just proud and happy to be a collector of that great camera brand.

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