The Necropolis of the Donskoy Monastery

Variations on a theme «...with a film across Moscow»
Princess Agrippina Dmitrievna Volkonskaya (Ushakova) 27.11.1788-12.02.1877. Daughter of Lieutenant Dmitri Fedorovich Ushakov. Mother V.V. Volkonskoy
Moscow. The Donskoy Monastery. Necropolis.
Camera: Canon Prima Zoom 80u Date (AiAF) [zoom 38-80mm] (№8405914)
Film: Fujifilm Fuji Eterna ??? expired
Scanner: Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000
Photo taken: 13/09/2018

This film Fujifilm Fuji Eterna unknown to me marking, sensitivity and expiry date. Storage conditions are also unknown to me. A couple of months ago I bought 2 rolls of this film for testing. So these photos can be called experimental.
The film was exhibited at 100 ISO. Development of 7 minutes in D-76

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